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Twenty Twenty

Happy New Decade everyone.

Week notes

I've been following a few people that have weeknotes (Hi Alice, Dave & Paul) usually via a RSS reader. Yes, I'm aware I don't have a RSS feed for this yet. I'm incrementally adding to this site over time instead of doing it all in one go and never launching something.

So I wanted to try and start a new habit for 2020, and having a little journal that I could talk about 3 things that I've learnt, done or wanted to talk about. So this is the first topic and yay, I've covered one. More to follow…

Using Eleventy

When I started thinking about using jamesloveridge.dev for something, I knew I would be using Eleventy as I've played around with a lot of static generators in the past like Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo and so on. I was never quite happy with any of them as I couldn't use the things I wanted to use, or have more flexibility and I remember when I had a pretty nice site going with Jekyll (2016 via Web Archive). It was nice to work with. Until I had to update the site to the latest Jekyll version on a different machine. That was a nightmare!

So working with Eleventy, it allows you to decide how you want to use it, and to put in what you want to use, not what you have to use based on other static generator's requirements for something to work. Eleventy is an absolute delight to work with. Yes, I don't have any styling for this site yet, and it's responsive by default. I will be adding more things to this over time starting with:

Watch this space!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

As over Christmas, there's a lot of spare time, I have found that this game on Steam is quite excellent, and does not have any micro-transactions or anything that would resemble of a modern game of late that would utterly ruin the experience. I'm completely hooked on this, and am playing it incrementally so that I don't finish it too quickly. I wonder if that's because I'm enjoying the game more by having set up a nVIDIA SHIELD TV to be plugged into my TV in the living room, and streaming from my gaming PC which is in a different room. Also having a sofa to sit on, instead of a desk chair and playing away with a wireless controller.

Here's a short gist of the game:

I wonder if I will actually complete the game completely, with all unlockables, chests, and secrets discovered? Time will tell I guess. 👋

3 January 2020
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