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Lack of updates & DAW

Well, for a number of weeks I haven't really felt like documenting or writing week notes. The massive life shift with the pandemic has been a challenge to adapt to, and unfortunately my weeknotes fell by the side. The FT has made the 'Coronavirus tracked: the latest figures as the pandemic spreads' article free for anyone to read and consume, and it is regularly up to date. I hope to not write anything more further about coronavirus in the weeknotes from now.

Deaf Awareness Week

Last week I published two Medium posts for Deaf Awareness Week (4th-10th May 2020) and was interviewed by Product & Technology's Talent Acquisition team for the 'Future Leaders' series which people get invited to interview to cover a person's perspective, and how they got into technology in the first place.

So, without further ado, here's the links to the articles!

Future weeknotes

The next few weeknotes will be more of an explanatory of the learning journey I undergo with AWS (Amazon Web Services) for work. I hope to make it a version of a glossary that could be explained to a five year old, and would be useful for future me as well.

Until then 👋

8 May 2020
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