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Alternatives to Facebook developed libraries

Having spent the majority of my first full week at work… being sick. Such a good start to 2020. Yay.


I've been trying to find something like No More Google for Facebook. This site is a nice list of alternatives that shows you what you could do without relying on Google completely. Also helps you to rein in control for your data and privacy on the Internet. I've been using DuckDuckGo for years and find it much nicer to use when searching for things knowing that it will not be using my search history (which will be full of memes and JavaScript) to monetise by selling that data to advertisers.

With Facebook, they have done some nice work in the open source community like React, Jest & Yarn. Sometimes I feel that if I use any of those mentioned, I'm actually saying that whatever Facebook does with people's data/privacy rights is totally OK. That really makes me feel uneasy. So a few alternatives to those are:




So, let me know if you see any alternatives that I've missed out on, or if there's a similar site that tells you what Facebook alternatives there is. I'm sure there is one and I couldn't find it myself. πŸ‘‹

Fri Jan 10 2020
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