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How warm is January?

January (so far)

I don't think I've ever come across a January where it's been this warm. I'm not even taking along a scarf, gloves and a hat to muddle through when going outside from home. It really does make me think about climate change, and how I could be more responsible for my own carbon footprint. Going to work by train reduces my carbon footprint a lot more than if I went by car. I wouldn't go to work by car, as it's in the City of London, the parking fees would be atrocious, not to mention the goddamned traffic. I have thought about entertaining the option of going full time flexitarian to do my bit for the planet. I'm currently struggling of what would allow for occasional eating of meat? How often could this happen? It's something to ponder about along with the 1000 things I'm already thinking about!

His Dark Materials - The Subtle Knife

I'm currently going through the 2nd book 'The Subtle Knife' on the commute. This makes for a nice change than the usual reads that I go through. I had read the first book years ago, watched the film (which was not great) and enjoyed the TV (BBC) iteration immensely. I thought that was nicely done, and had the right amount of darkness to it. Anyway, onto the book. This has taken a new direction, and it's quite pleasant. The characters that I've been reading along with so far, have explored a few worlds with some differences. It's fascinating and I do not want to spoil the book if you stumble across this post somehow, even though I've not advertised the site at all. No analytics, no SEO, no crap like that. 😀


I'm particularly interested in seeing the talks in this conference which I am going to tomorrow. As one of the main goals for me, in this fresh new year is to go up another level as a Software Engineer. I wonder if some of the talks will provide me with an insight of what I could do to facilitate that possibility at the Financial Times. Time will tell! 👋

17 January 2020
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