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A letter to Jess

The day we got you from a dog fostering family (with Dogs' Trust) in the summer of 2008, was a day that I and dad didn't realise how much of an impact you would have on the family for more than a decade.

Going for walks with you was always an memorable time, because as a young dog you wouldn't come back. Despite numerous attempts to try and retrieve you, and calling your name repeatedly until you had enough which usually made a hour walk turn into 2 hours and half at times! At the time I would be furious but now I smile as I recollect the fond memories of this happening.

I always tried to vary the walking routes so that you'd have lots of different smells and places to explore. You were such a good sport at playing fetch or rounding up my sister's kids. You certainly touched a lot of hearts being part of the family.

You were such an intelligent and brilliant dog, and life indeed is a bit more duller without you being there to take for a walk, or to play games with. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have been part of your life, and that we will miss you very much.

Thank you Jess ❤️

27th May 2008 – 13th November 2021 (13y 5m 18d)

Jess, a 11 year old Border Collie with her favourite toy (at the time of the photo being taken) So here's one of my favourite photos of Jess. This photo was taken in the morning on 10th August 2019 at my parents' home.

10 December 2021
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